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How Far Have You Traveled?

How Far Have You Traveled?

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In the introduction to his latest book, How Far Have You Traveled?, John Calvi writes:

I've been watching people in the places I work.  I watch very carefully to see something in particular. Who is serving long term in a crisis and not becoming a victim of burnout? How is it that one can witness ongoing pain and suffering and continue to offer their best?  How does that work?
The core of this book is about goodness and knowing your goodness. I am suggesting that knowing your goodness offers strength and balance for hard work, specifically the hard work of healing one's self and others. While my first book, The Dance Between Hope & Fear, speaks to healing trauma, this second book describes an underlying dynamic that makes the path smoother.
So there it is. I've seen something I want to show you. It's about goodness and knowing it in yourself. Seeking how things become is great work.  I hope this will be part of your seeking.


Author: John Calvi
Published: True Quaker Press, April 2019
ISBN: 9780989328524
Paperback, 212 pages

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