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Grounded in God: Care and Nurture in Friends Meeting

Grounded in God: Care and Nurture in Friends Meeting

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A fundamental element of the life of a Friends meeting is a longing to care for one another in ways that are deeply grounded in love and in the presence of the Spirit. This 2002 collection of essays is a thematic arrangement of selections from the Pastoral Care Newsletter of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, with each article addressing a challenge or question that pastoral caregivers will face in their work. Caregivers and members of ministry and care, ministry and nurture, or worship and care committees in Quaker meetings can use this book to enhance their skills.

Includes questions for discussion, bibliography, and index. The digital edition is available in mobi (for Kindle readers) and epub (for all other ereaders).

Editor: Patricia McBee

Here's a link to more of PYM's Pastoral Care Newsletters.

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