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Grandmamas Pride

Grandmama's Pride - hardcover

$ 13.95

Every summer, Mama, Sister, and Sarah Marie take the bus down south to visit Grandmama. The three of them sit in the back of the bus, because, as Mama says, it is the best seat Throughout the summer, Aunt Maria teaches Sarah Marie how to read. then Sarah Marie notices signs in town she hadn't been able to read before, like the one on the bathroom door that says, "White Women" and another that says "Colored Women." Sarah Marie faces a hard realization about the segregated South. but in the fall she reads about events happening in places like Clinton, Tennessee, and Montgomery, Alabama. and by the next summer, when they go back to visit Grandmama, they all sit in the front of the bus.  Ages 4-8

Author: Becky Birtha
Publisher: Albert Whitman & Co. (2005)
ISBN: 9780807530283
Hardcover, 32 pages

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