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Friends Leading: Climate Change, A Crisis of Spirit - pamphlet

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In the J. Barnard Walton Memorial Lecturer 2013 at Southeastern Yearly Meeting, Roy Taylor stated that “As a society, when we are finding out how we can step back from the big to the less. We can show others that there is grater value than that of the dollar. We’ve been taught that the dollar is the only measure that we have of value for everything that we do. Even in sustainability, I can’t get away from somebody saying, “What’s the return on my investment?” If you have this tighter house, not only will you have lower energy use, you will also be more comfortable. It’s less drafty. It’s warmer; it’s cooler. Those are the types of things what makes us feel good.

Author: Roy H. Taylor, III

Publisher: Southeastern Yearly Meeting Publications

September 27, 2016 JBB

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