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Fostering Vital Friends Meetings

Fostering Vital Friends Meetings

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Growing from the common purpose of nurturing and encouraging meetings, this handbook provides carefully seasoned guidelines, tools and exercises that meetings can use to strengthen Quaker practice in a concise and user-friendly manual. Sections detail who, what, how and why people can be about the work of fostering vitality in Friends meetings everywhere.

Written by Jan Greene and Marty Walton

The Very Large (in fact enormous) resource manual that accompanied this book is available as a PDF at this URL   Here are its contents:


R1–1 Preparation for Traveling in the Ministry Bill Taber

R1–2 The Use of Queries in One’s Work Meryl Reis Louis

R1–3 When You Find Yourself in Charge Without a Plan Paul Schobernd

R1–5 Not Only Do We Struggle with a Dependence upon Things, We Struggle with a Dependence upon Activity Bruce Bishop

R1–7 Time and Ministry Nadine Hoover

R1–10 Queries on Our Work in Ministry NEYM/NYYM Pastors’ Retreat


R2–1 Strengthening Our Meetings as Caring Communities Arlene Kelly

R2–5 Inner Work Marty Grundy

R2–7 Spiritual Friendships Liz Yeats

R2–8 Covenant Groups Carole Treadway and Liz Yeats

R2–9 Processing Leading Through Friends’ Community Structures Rosa Packard

R2–10 What Monthly Meetings Can Do and Teach Friends to Do in Support of Leadings and Peacemaking Efforts Rosa Packard

R2–11 Clearness Committees, Committees of Care, and Committees of Oversight Canadian YM

R2–15 Clearness Committees and Their Use in Personal Discernment Jan Hoffman

R2–17 Responding to Calls to Ministry Central Philadelphia MM

R2–21 Support Groups Mary Lou Leavitt

R2–24 What is Ministry? Virginia Schurman

R2–25 The Ministry of Pastoral Care Arlene Kelly

R2–28 Tips on Eldering Leanna Goerlich and Carol Holmes

R2–28 Queries on Eldering Bill Warters

R2–29 Setting Limits Gospel Order Sub-Committee, NYYM

R2–30 Signals and Actions Gospel Order Sub-Committee, NYYM

R2–33 Friends and Conflict Jan Greene

R2–35 Sense of the Meeting, Sense of the Parking Lot Jan Greene

R2–36 Compassionate Use of Information Portland (ME) Meeting, NEYM

R2–37 Addressing Conflict Ad Hoc Committee to Address Conflict, NYYM

R2–40 The Steps Involved in Following Gospel Order Steven Davidson

R2–41 Strife in the Meeting Outreach Committee, NPYM

R2–42 Confrontation Bruce Bishop

R2–43 Workshop: Meeting Problem-Solving Process Jan Greene

R2–44 Workshop: Identifying Your Meeting’s Conflict Norms and Sanctions Jan Greene

R2–45 Meeting for Reconciliation Steven Davidson

table of contents iii

R2–47 A Guide for Conducting the Meeting for Reconciliation Steven Davidson

R2–51 Suggestions for Leading a Worship Sharing Group Shirley Dodson

R2–53 Spiritual Assessment Guidelines Marcia A. Schnorr

R2–55 Towards a Gathered Friends Community Leanna Goerlich


R3–1 Quakers and the Inner Dark Jo Farrow

R3–8 The Shadow: A Definition Rita Varley

R3–9 Merciful Jesus Anne Thomas

R3–11 Policy on Sexual Harassment Canadian YM Personnel Committee

R3–13 Dealing with a Child Abuser in the Meeting Community Rochester (NY) MM

R3–19 The Agony and the Ecstasy Richard Foster

R3–21 Workshop: Beginning to Explore Violence Anne Thomas


R4–1 Our Long Night of Preparation: Leadership Among  Unprogrammed Friends in North America Anne Thomas

R4–4 The Dilemmas of Organizational Leadership in the Religious Society of Friends Bruce Birchard


R5–1 Report of a Visitation Preparation Weekend NYYM Ministry and Counsel

R5–5 Travel Procedure for Members of the Religious Education Committee FGC


R6–1 Twentieth Century Organizations Founded by Friends Sally Rickerman

R6–5 Friends for 300 Years: It’s a Good Life! Max L. Carter

R6–9 There is Still a Great People to Be Gathered: A Collection of Thoughts about Outreach Jan Greene

R6–11 Evangelism: A Four-Letter Word? Jan Greene

R6–12 Annual Monthly Meeting A and O Checklist 1977 Outreach Conference

R6–13 Notes for the Guidance of Speakers at Quaker Home Service Enquirers Weekend Harvey Gillman

R6–17 Workshop on Outreach Anne Thomas

R6–19 When a Worship Group Wishes to Become a New Monthly Meeting Marshall Massey

R6–21 Questions and Guidelines for Becoming a Monthly Meeting Mountain View (CO) MM


R7–1 One Meeting’s Process for Setting Membership Procedures Tallahassee (FL) MM

R7–2 Membership Minute

R7–3 Guidance to Clearness Committees for Membership

R7–4 Cleaness Queries for Membership

R7–5 Membership Procedures Chapel Hill (NC) MM

R7–7 Membership Questions and Queries


R8–1 Renewing the Covenant: Can Our Branches Be Olive Branches? Douglas Gwyn

R8–4 Silence and Preaching Janey O’Shea

R8–5 A Quaker Theology? Kenneth Lawton

R8–7 Workshop: The Boundaries of Quakerism Janey O’Shea

R8–8 The Unity of Paradoxical Quaker Extremes Bill Taber

R8–9 Paradoxical Understandings to Hold in Creative Tension Frances Irene Taber

R8–11 Workshop: Community in Diversity Jan Greene

R8–12 Discussion Questions on Unity and Diversity “Who We Are”

R8–12 Discussion Starter on Quaker Tradition Anne Thomas

R8–13 The Divided Inheritance Leonard S. Kenworthy

R8–14 Where Is the Hope for the Future of Quakerism? Elizabeth Claggett-Borne


R9–1 A Call for Racial Justice among Friends Paul Ricketts

R9–3 The View from Here: Friends and Racism Joan Broadfield

R9–5 Our Role as Individuals in America’s Racial History: Atlanta Meeting Looks at Racism Bert Skellie and Adelaide Solomon-Jordan

R9–7 How to Facilitate Frank Discussions of Hard Issues by Diverse Participants Future Leaders, Future Changes Program

R9–9 Resources for Working on Racism and Bias (various)

R9–11 Anti Bias and Anti Racism Programs Joan Broadfield

R9–13 Inclusivity Race and Class: What Are the Quaker Barriers? Joan Broadfield and Bill Frysinger

R9–14 Queries from Young Friends at FGC Gathering 1997


R10-1 Workshops on Children and the Bible Anne Thomas

R10-3 Getting Adults Excited about the Hebrew Scriptures

R10-5 Selected Stories from the Hebrew Scriptures

R10-7 Bible Study: Luke 5:17–26 (Handout)

R10-9 Adults Teaching the New Testament to Children

R10-13 When a Child Asks for a Bible

R10-15 Biblical Readiness Joanne Spears

R10-17 Friendly Bible Study Method Joanne Spears

R10-21 Swords into Plowshares: A Bible Study Ruth Kinsey

R10-23 The Good, the Bad, the Uncomfortable Book Adam Corson-Finnerty

R10-24 A Bible Study Method FGC Religious Education Committee


R11-1 The Purpose of Meetings for Worship and for Business Paul Lacey

R11-1 On Meeting for Business Bill Taber

R11-2 Patient Waiting Douglas Bishop and Bonnie Deutsch

R11-3 Absent Friends and the Quaker Process Phil Oliver

R11-5 Some Thoughts on Quaker Process Paul Lacey

R11-6 Queries on the Meeting for Business San Francisco (CA) MM

R11-7 A Nominating Committee Process Eleanor Warnock

R11-8 Guidelines for Preparing a Committee Report Margallen Fichter

R11-9 Workshop on Clerking Anne Thomas

R11-11 Handout: Notes on Clerking

R11-13 Handout: Minutes: Getting Then into Friends Hands

R11-17 Workshop: A Consideration of Our Quaker Business Process Jan Greene


R12-1 About Yearly Meeting Finances and Related Matters Ad Hoc Committee on the Financial Health of New England YM

R12-7 Some Thoughts on Money and Stewardship RE Committee, Phila. YM

R12-8 Discussion Starter: Helping a Meeting Consider Finances Jan Greene


R13-1 Guidelines for Small Group Facilitators Steve Smith

R13-2 Needs Present in Groups Patsy Hayes Myers and Edward Myers Hayes

R13-3 Group Dynamics and Games Leadership Patsy Hayes Myers and Edward Myers Hayes

R13-5 The Nitty-Gritty Conference Planning Checklist Philadelphia YM


R14-1 Some Thoughts on Teaching Teenagers Luther Conant

R14-5 Queries on Relating with Youth Betsey Kenworthy

R14-7 Organizing Programs for Quaker Teenagers Marsha Holliday

R14-17 Some Observations and Suggestions Regarding the Status of Young Friends Doris Blossom

R14-19 Betrayed by the Quaker Community Bruce Yarnall

R14-21 How Quakers Can Regain Their Youth Anthony Manousos

R14-23 A Beginning Proposal for Seventh Day Schools Anne Thomas

R14-26 Notes about Working with Young Friends Jan Greene

R14-27 Preventing Burnout Lissa Field

R14-29 Healing the Teenager Within Judith Randall

R14-32 Needs of Young Friends Cynthia Taylor

R14-32 Being a “Significant Other Adult” in the Life of a Young Friend Jan Greene

R14-33 A Young Friends’ Guide to Worship Sharing Phila. YM Young Friends

R14-35 Setting Priorities for Meeting Support of Quaker Youth Sandy Parker


R15-1 Nurturing the Spiritual Life of Friends Jan Greene

R15-5 Meeting Renewal Jan Greene

R15-7 Some Characteristics of Vital Friends Meetings Leonard S. Kenworthy

R15-9 “Envisioning Our Future” Workshop Buffalo (NY) MM

R15-10 Observing Our Meeting (source unknown)

R15-10 On Membership Nancy Middleton

R15-10 How Do We Express Our Faith to Others? Adam Corson-Finnerty

R15-10 So, You’ve Been Asked to Speak about the Religious Society of Friends? Bob and Susie Fetter

R15-11 The Fishbowl: A Program to Help Groups Work Through Conflict Lynne Woehlie

R15-13 Sharing about One’s Spiritual Journey Anne Thomas, CYM

R15-14 Another Activity on Sharing Our Spiritual Journey PYM Quaker Studies

R15-15 Creative Sharing Questions London Grove (PA) MM

R15-17 Paradigms of Calls and Discoveries of Gifts Philadelphia Gifts Group

R15-18 Worship Seeing: Drawing Out Gifts (multi-session) (source unknown)

R15-19 Exercise on Drawing Out Gifts (one session) (source unknown)

R15-21 Journaling Workshop Marsha Holliday

R15-25 Peacemaking with Your Religious Past (five sessions) Jan Greene

R15-26 Your Spiritual Journey

R15-28 The Haunting Church

R15-30 Companions on the Way

R15-31 From the Past to the Present

R15-32 The Growing Edges

R15-33 Handouts for above workshop Jan Greene

R15-35 Owning Our Religious Past and Present (one session) Anne Thomas

R15-38 Spiritual Development Through Play FGC Religious Education Committee Intergenerational Activities

R15-39 Introductory Activity (source unknown)

R15-39 People Hunt (source unknown)

R15-39 Quaker Fruits and Nuts Treasure Hunt Betsy Muench

R15-40 Yarn Toss Group Builder Shirley Dodson

R15-40 Listening and Decision-Making Activity Chris Jorgensen

R15-41 Meeting Quiz: A Light and Lively (source unknown)

R15-42 Recipe for a Nurture Workshop in Your Home Meeting Anita Baker

R15-43 The Great Valentines’ Day Race (source unknown)

R15-44 Toss a Feeling Winston Press

R15-45 Tetrahedral Kites Daryl Bergquist

R15-47 Four Doors to Meeting for Worship Anne Thomas

R15-48 Gifts and Ministries Anne Thomas

R15-49 We’re Going to Meeting for Worship Anne Thomas

R15-50 The Quaker Meeting for Worship Anne Thomas

R15-51 Answering That of God in Our Children Anne Thomas

R15-52 Addressing Sexual Abuse in Friends’ Meetings Anne Thomas

R15-53 Testimonies and Traditions: Some Aspects of Quaker Spirituality Anne Thomas

R15-54 The Wounded Meeting Anne Thomas

R15-55 Questions of Integrity: A Quaker Perspective Anne Thomas

R15-56 God is Silence Anne Thomas

R15-57 Guide to Quaker Practice Anne Thomas

R15-58 Meeting Needs Anne Thomas

R15-59 Friends and Worship Anne Thomas

R15-61 The Mission of Religious Education Jan Greene

R15-62 Planning an Adult Religious Education Program for Your Meeting Shirley Dodson

R15-63 Meeting Expectations: “Our Classroom Covenant” Anne Thomas

R15-64 A Christmas Program: Echo Pantomime—“We Found Him” Anne Thomas


R16-1 On Faith (see Queries for sources)

R16-1 On Prayer

R16-2 On the Spiritual Journey

R16-3 On Discernment

R16-4 On Spiritual Gifts

R16-5 On Pastoral Care

R16-5 On Caring for Our Youth

R16-6 On Meetings Serving Families

R16-6 On Conflict

R16-7 On Meeting for Worship

R16-7 On Meeting for Worship With a Concern for Business

R16-7 On Work as a Committee Member

R16-8 On the Wholeness of the Monthly Meeting

R16-9 On Meeting Renewal and Outreach

R16-11 On Quaker Diversity

R16-12 On Witness

R16-13 On the Use of Language

R16-13 On the Environment


R17-1 A Brief Reading List for Attenders Philadelphia YM

R17-3 Meeting for Reading: A Beginning List Anne Thomas

R17-5 Spiritual Nurture in the Religious Society of Friends Spiritual Nurture Conf.

R17-11 Resources for Spiritual Friendship FGC Religious Education Committee

R17-12 Keeping A Spiritual Journal: Some Suggested Readings (source unknown)

R17-13 A Selected Bibliography for Quaker Families Philadelphia YM

R17-16 The Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business (source unknown)



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