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Ending Cycles of Violence II

Ending Cycles of Violence II

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Ending Cycles of Violence: Kenyan Quaker Peacemaking Response after the 2007 and 2013 Election documents the many efforts of Friends to bring about peace and prevent any recurrence of that violence. This book presents a brief history of Kenya to explain the causes of the violence, tells the stories of what Friends experienced in the midst of the violence and their response to that violence. Over the past four years many people have been reached by Friends' humanitarian relief, counselling, and the ongoing AVP and HROC work. This new edition has extra chapters about the 2013 election

Title: Ending Cycles of Violence II: Kenyan Quaker Peacemaking Response to 2007 and 2013 Elections

Authors: Kathy Ossmann, Joe Ossmann, Judy Lumb,‎ and David Zarembka
Published: June 2013


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