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Cultivating Sanctuary #466

Cultivating Sanctuary #466

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Cultivating Sanctuary: Hallowed Places and Inner States

In scary times, there is a deep need to have a sanctuary, a place for rest, renewal, and comfort. We have such a place inside, but, when we’re afraid, it’s hard to know it and feel it. If we dare to trust what has already been given to us by Spirit, we will discover an inner place of grace to return to again and again. In it we can find a connection with Spirit, hope, each other, and life itself. To cultivate such a sanctuary we need to honor our essence and be in solidarity with it. And we need to share that common depth with one another in our Quaker meeting houses and places of worship. This pamphlet is offered in the hope it can be of use in helping us become sanctuaries for each other and for our aching world.

Author: Gunilla Norris
Publisher: Pendle Hill, 2020

ISBN: 9780875744667

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