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Come Home a New Way

Come Home a New Way

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In the small village of Stuartville in the Catskill Mountains, there are many stories, but everyone seems to have their niche, from the short insecure minister to the mysterious thieving Blakes. One moonlit night Faith and Hank welcome Stuartville’s newest resident. Yet even in the hospital nursery some are calling him a freak because of his eyes. It is Gabe’s place as he grows up to be pitied or bullied so he escapes, living more and more in his own imagination.

By 1965, as the increasingly self-absorbed Gabe turns sixteen, the world around him shifts. Predictable small-town life is shaken by waves of uncertainty, and jobs disappear. One day when Gabe is distracted by his heroic fantasies, he is caught off guard and finds himself on a secret journey. What will happen to this lost young man and to the community who wants everyone to stay in their place?

Young Adult

Author: Beth Bussiere
Publuisher: Maine Authors' Publishing, 2017
ISBN: 9781633811126
paperback, 322 pages

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