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Authority Leadership and Concern

Authority Leadership and Concern

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In this work, Roger Cowan Wilson, General Secretary of the Friends Relief Service from 1940 to 1946, applies his clear thinking and his understanding of Quaker processes to examining how a religious concern can be made manifest in practical work and what needs to be considered in organizing such. 'The true "concern" is a gift from God, a leading of his Spirit which may not be denied.' How is the authority for this held by a human organization? what kind of people does it need to lead and carry out It's work?' He also has useful thoughts on the subject of responsibility in a religious community known for 'having no leaders', to wit, 'To determine what shall be done and the quality of spirit in which ends shall be pursued, is a moral responsibility; to determine how that shall be done and to see that it is done, is an administrative responsibility within the moral framework.' Additionally, Wilson's work is of historic interest, as it describes the recruitment of relief workers, the structures that supported them and the particular issues they faced in carrying out relief work in Germany.

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