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Active Peace:  A Mindful Path to a Nonviolent World

Active Peace: A Mindful Path to a Nonviolent World

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Scott Brown has brought a wide and rich variety of life experiences to bear on the crucial subject of how to make and live peace in a world ravaged by violence. He was on the frontlines of activism for fifteen years before dedicating his life to learning the ways of peacemaking….Scott is unsparingly honest and emotionally open and vulnerable, willing to share the burdens and subtle revelations of his brave heart and his ways of staying infused with hope and energy in a world in turmoil. Active Peace is not armchair philosophizing: it is a passionately engaged and pragmatic message from the trenches of a life devoted to service.

—Andrew Harvey (from the foreword)


Part One: Mapping the Territory

   Chapter One  The Inner Context of Psychological Experience 
   Chapter Two
  The Outer Context of Society, Culture, and Environment 
   Chapter Three
  Growing up Together

Part Two: The Path of Restoration  

   Chapter Four  Restoring Our Relationship to Self 
   Chapter Five  
Restoration’s Foundation: Mindfulness 
   Chapter Six  
Restoring Our Relationship to Nature
   Chapter Seven
   Beyond the Human/Nature Split 
   Chapter Eight
  Restoring Our Interpersonal Relationships
   Chapter Nine
  Relationship Skills and Tools 
   Chapter Ten  
Transforming Conflict
   Chapter Eleven
  Restoring Our Relationship to the World
   Chapter Twelve 
 Restorative Activism

Author:  G. Scott Brown
Publisher: Collins Foundation Press, 2016
ISBN:  9780988438293
Paperback, 218 pages

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