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A Lively Faith

A Lively Faith

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The Conservative Friends of Iowa have a unique story. it is a chronicle of how one group of Quakers has held fast to its roots against the winds of change, while simultaneously grappling with and responding to the modern world. Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) stands It's own ground, fitting neither into the liberal nor orthodox Quaker camps, yet with connections to both. Callie Marsh entered this community as an adult seeker and made it her home, taking part in identity-wrenching struggles, such as their understanding of Christianity and the question of same-gender marriage. The ebook version is available in mobi (for Kindle readers) and epub (for all other ereaders).

Author: Callie Marsh
Publisher: QuakerPress of FGC (2011)
ISBN: 9781888305968
Paperback, 104 pages

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