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A Contemporary Mysticism: Support on the Spiritual Path

A Contemporary Mysticism: Support on the Spiritual Path

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Here is companionship on the spiritual path. Growing to love God is wonderful, and can also be confusing. Why did that happen? What does it mean? What should I do? Is it OK? How can I get closer to the One? Stories from decades of struggles, failures and joys are offered. Not as 'the' answer to any spiritual question, but reassurance that others have traveled where you are going.

"During Quaker worship, an epiphany experience over 20 years ago plopped me on a spiritual path. I've since served in many volunteer Quaker capacities including leading retreats. After finishing a career as a pediatric Occupational Therapist, I now pray, write and help edit the newsletter What Canst Thou Say."

Author: Michael Ressman
Publisher: Zumbro River Press, 2015
ISBN: 9780692370148
Paperback, 290 pages

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