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Spiritual Discernment: the Context and Goal of Clearness Committees

Spiritual Discernment - Pendle Hill Pamphlet #305

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Spiritual Discernment - The Context and Goal of Clearness Committees: Pendle Hill Pamphlet #305

Patricia Loring articulates the use of clearness committees as instruments of discernment in the tradition of Quaker spirituality and practice. "To assist one another in the on-going discernment, we function in ways traditionally associated with the deepest work of spiritual communities. We can cultivate an environment among us which will foster one another's spiritual growth by directing and redirecting intention and attention to God; by discouraging what draws us away; by loving support for each other in the vicissitudes of our utterly human lives; by respecting and cherishing the uniqueness of each life."

Author: Patricia Loring

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