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Practicing Discernment Together

Practicing Discernment Together

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Group discernment is an essential ingredient of anything that Quakers seek to do together, and a central part of Quaker process. Even the smallest Bible study group or informal gathering makes decisions. That decision-making carries with it the potential of strengthening the spiritual depth of each member of the group, and of discovering God's will - but only if the participants understand and abide by the process. "In concise, lucid prose, illustrated with modern day case studies and stories from the bible, they discuss the attitudes, skills, and steps that help us to find God's leadings for us as meeting communities." - Chel Avery

Authors: Lon Fendall, Jan Wood, Bruce Bishop 
Publisher: Barclay Press, 2007
ISBN: 9781594980091
Paperback, 145 pages

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