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Godly Play Volume 5:

The Complete Guide to Godly Play: Volume 5

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Godly Play® was created by Rev. Dr. Jerome Berryman and his wife Thea Berryman.  Its origins are in the Episcopal Church, although its reach today is ecumenical. Friends use this resource and method to teach stories from the Bible.  Bible material is presented in a way that invites children to experientially find themselves in the stories and makes space for continuous revealing of Truth.  While we might not use all these stories in a Quaker First Day School program, this helps many Friends to see this as a welcoming and Quaker-friendly way to approach the Bible and the Judeo-Christian heritage.

Godly Play has also been adapted by Quakers in the resource Faith and Play with stories about Quakers or with Quaker themes.

The authors of volume 5 are nearly all accredited Godly Play trainers. It has been written not only to introduce you to some of the next generation of leaders in Godly Play, but also to make available to you the benefit of their experience and insight. 
The kind of help you will find here for your continuing development as a Godly Play teacher supplements the first four volumes of The Complete Guide to Godly Play. You will find wisdom about developing the storyteller you already are. There is advice on how to manage time and space in the classical teaching and learning environment for Godly Play. 
Since there is nothing quite so practical as good theory, there are also reflections about children's education, their spirituality and a theology of childhood for adults. This information is based on what has been learned about children in Godly Play settings around the world so we adults can be guided toward entering the reality Jesus called "the Kingdom of Heaven."
What's inside Volume 5: Practical Helps from Godly Play Trainers

Each chapter lends special insight to the teaching process.

Chapter 1: Help with Telling Stories
Chapter 2: Help with Managing Time
Chapter 3: Help with Managing Space
Chapter 4: Help with Nurturing Relationships: Congregations and Parents
Chapter 5: Help with Nurturing Relationships: Teachers and Children
Chapter 6: Going Deeper with Godly Play



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