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Faith & Play Materials: An Easter Story For Friends

Faith & Play Materials: An Easter Story For Friends

$ 22.00

This KIT can be used to construct the following story materials:

  • White felt underlay, about 24” x 24”
  • 12” x 18” cross shape made of foam or stiff felt (black on one side and purple on the other) and cut into 6 pieces that fit together like a puzzle (see photo)
  • Graphics for each purple piece: flame, baby chick, Jesus figure, butterfly, tree in leaf, fresh green grass
  • Graphics for the corresponding reverse (black) side of each piece (top piece is blank): egg, tomb with rock, cocoon, tree with bare branches, dried brown grasses

Reminder: All story materials used should be non-toxic and non-perishable so that they can always remain in the classroom and be available for the children’s work time.

A story about the power of God's love.  Beautiful and simple storytelling materials. 

 Faith & Play kits are non-returnable.

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