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Essence of George Fox's Journal

Essence of George Fox's Journal

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The Essence of George Fox's Journal - (Not new, but newly relisted)

Axios’s Essence of … Series takes the greatest works of practical philosophy and pares them down to their essence. Selected passages flow together to create a seamless work that will capture your interest from page one. George Fox founded The Religious Society of Friends, better known as Quakers, a form of Christianity which has had an immense influence throughout the world. The story contained in his journal is gripping and hard to put down.                                                       - publisher's description

There have been many attempts to make Fox's Journal "easy to read" over the years, but none are in print affordably at the moment. Hunter Lewis presents a readable, well presented edition, easy on the eye and..."on my first examination really does have the essence and literary feel of the original. If you have never read this Quaker classic before you have no excuse not to do so now" - Graham Garner.

Author: George Fox
Editor: Hunter Lewis
Publisher: Axios Press (2012)
ISBN: 9781604190533
Paperback, 260 pages

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