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Friends in the City

Friends in the City

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Friends in the City: Aging in Places

Just at the turn of the 21st century, a small group of Quaker women
in Philadelphia promoted a modest proposal: living together into
their old age. They, their husbands, and their allies persisted until
they realized not only their dream of a communal home but something well
beyond: a vehicle of social interaction for hundreds of central Philadelphia
residents. In the latest of his Quaker-themed books about Philadelphia, Greg
Barnes traces the story of Friends in the City, a new community without
walls that has provided older city dwellers with new friends as well as stimulating
urban adventures, and brought a small number of them into an
experimental retirement community. This pictorial history both celebrates
senior creativity and offers a model for other communities.

Other Books of Quaker interest by Gregory A. Barnes:
• A Biography of Lillian and George Willoughby, 20th-century Quaker Peace Activists
Philadelphia’s Arch Street Meeting House: A Biography (2012)
A Centennial History of the American Friends Service Committee (2016)

Author: Gregory Barnes
Publisher: Independantly published, 2020
ISBN: 9798652595890
Paperback,  186 pages

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