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Book Musings: April 2020

Community matters now more than ever as we face COVID-19. Quakers all over the United States and throughout the world are finding ways to share their compassion and connect in love and faith. Friends isolated at home join online in amazingly close meetings for worship.  Our FGC committees and staff meet via Zoom as they continue to bring Light to the world.  Friends take flowers and food to neighbors who can’t go outside. And here at QuakerBooks we continue to send your family or Meeting books, hoping to bring comfort in this time of fear, grief, and loss. 

Read the full issue of APRIL 2020 Book Musings here.

In the Light,
Audrey Greenhall, Manager of QuakerBooks
In This Issue:

  • Grief and Loss 
  • New and Noteworthy - What Miss Mitchell SawThe Resistors
  • Friends Journal Picks for April 2020
  • Adapting First Day School 
  • Discounted Books - One and Done Collection
  • 10% discount on orders over $100

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