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Book Musings

Dear Friend,

Reading books with friends and Friends is such a joy. This month we're highlighting all sorts of ways to read books together: in First Day School and with young friends, in adult education and book clubs, and in connection with the wider world of Friends through brilliant suggestions from Friends Journal and Ellen Michaud. There's something to read for everyone.

In the Light,
Graham Garner and Jerimy Pedersen

In This Issue:
Ellen's Review Corner
Reading List
SALE: Graham's Book Club Suggestions
- Friends Journal Suggests
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Ellen's Corner: Language for the Inward Landscape

“To read A Language for the Inward Landscape is to be touched by a sense of recognition, an awareness of God’s presence within, and an upwelling of love so large and deep and expansive that it is not unlike sitting in a gathered meeting with a beloved meeting community.”
Read Ellen's entire review.

Children's & Young Adult Book Recommendations

Are you looking for a good gift for a child you love? Engaging reads for first day school? Check out this list of thought provoking and inspirational stories not only for Children and Young Adults, but all ages!
Reading List.
photo by Marta Rusek

SALE Graham's Book Club Suggestions Promotion

Help deepen the spirit of your meeting, provide community outreach and social connection, and dig down into the rich world of reading through a book club or book study group. Here are our suggestions for your reading together! And there’s special pricing on each of these titles!
Find out more.


Friends Journal Suggests

Every month Friends Journal reviews a wide selection of book by and of interest to Friends. Here’s the April 2016 edition ofFriends Journal reviews of books that you’ll find at QuakerBooks here!

photo by Marta Rusek
Support Fair Trade Artisans

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