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New Books January 2015

New Books January 2015

New Books –Winter 2015


It’s been much too long since the last New Books email- with our time spent getting the new QuakerBooks website online, so please excuse those many new books I haven’t space  to mention- check them out on our new website here.

We just published a wonderful biography,  Bayard Rustin The invisible activist, ostensibly for young people, but it is for all ages really. It talks of his tireless work for social change with Martin Luther King but acknowledges his Quakerism and sexuality that is often overlooked in other books. It is very well illustrated as well as a great read thanks to the collaboration of three knowledgeable and skilled authors.


Next to mention is a veritable plethora of titles from Doug Gwyn, his book Sustainable Life: Quaker Faith and Practice in the Renewal of Creation  is already a popular study group booklet and looks at how Quakers can respond creatively to climate change and other ecological issues.  Then he has a HUGE book, 512 pages long, looking at Pendle Hill as a special Quaker Community, Personality and Place: The Life and Times of Pendle Hill. Then there is a second edition of his very important and much requested, Apocalypse of the Word: The Life and Message of George Fox 1624-1691, as well as a reprint of our own Conversation with Christ: Quaker Meditations on The Gospel of John.

Talking of reprints, we have just reprinted Worship in Song: a Friends Hymnal, as well as the Quaker Quest “Newcomer Cards”  which many meetings prefer to the tracts and leaflets given out to attenders:-  How Quaker Meetings Work, Quakers and PrayerQuaker Testimonies, What Do Quakers Believe, You are Welcome Here, and lastly Quaker Worship -  they are all 25 cents each.



Paths of Faith in the Landscape of Science: Three Quakers Check their Compass looks at Quaker belief and science. Expensive, but topical and interesting is Michael Birkel’s interaction with Muslim scholars and the Koran in Qur'an in Conversation .

Philip Gulleys book Living the Quaker Way is now out in paperback, written in his amusing yet profound style it is a particularly good introductory book.

For children – Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans is just out in paperback at just $8.99 and is a must have (we still have a few in hardback for meeting libraries).


We also have many new and  interesting Bargain Books including Kingdom to Commune: Protestant Pacifist Culture Between World War I and the Vietnam Era by Patricia Appelbaum (at $5.00), which has a lot of Quaker content,  orNational Geographic’s, Freedom in My Heart: Voices from the United States National Slavery Museum edited by Cynthia Jacobs is well illustrated and explores many previously unknown or little known lives, it is excellent value at $12.00.

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