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Friends Journal Suggests: March 2016

Friends Journal Suggests: March 2016

The folloowing are books Friends Journal Reviewed in their March 2016 edition. Read a bit more on the wonderful texts Friends Journal picked to review or highlight in their 'In Brief' section:


A True Friend to China: The Friends Ambulance Unit 'China Convoy', 1945 - 1951 by Jack Jones Editor Andrew Hicks

Providing a rare view into daily life in China between 1945 and 1951 A True Friend to China details the experiences of Jack Jones a transport director of the Friends Abulence Unit who worked in West China. A prolific writer Jack Jones documented every day occurances and events during this time period in Western China.

A True Friend to China was discussed on RTHK Radio the interview with Editor and Historian Andrew Hicks starts 00:00:47 in to the recording. RTHK interviewer emphasizes how remarkable Jack Jones writings are, capturing a oft overlooked reconstruction period between large political events and changes in China and showcasing the "salt of the Earth" every day heros who looked not to colonize or push religion but rather to simply offer support and fellowship to others.

A True Friend to China was also given a spotlight by The China History Podcast.

This book would be good preparatory reading if you're excited about the 2016 Gathering workshop: 200 Years of Quaker Engagement in China




Experiences: Life in a Continuing Care Retirement Community, by 45 Kendal residents

This book provides a thoughtful reflection on the role of retirement communities, and the joy and support found in shared community later in life. An important read for anyone considering Continuing Care Retirement Communities, or for elders and their families weighing the choice between aging-in-place in their homes and moving into a retirement community. Through 54 stories that explore various aspects of Continuing Care Retirement Community Kendal residents sharing their prose, reflections, and poetry “describe the safety, predictability and joy of living with others in a community that guarantees care throughout life,” says co-editor Peggy Brick, an 11-year resident of the community.

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