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You are My Witnesses: Pendle Hill Pamphlet #435

You are My Witnesses: Pendle Hill Pamphlet #435

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You are My Witnesses: Witness and Testimony in the Biblical and Quaker Traditions

What does it mean to be a witness to Truth? Thomas Gates draws from the experiences of the captive Hebrews as told in the Book of Isaiah, as well as the discoveries and practices of early Friends, to offer perspective and insights for twenty-first century Quakers who are trying to live in faithful witness to the Light. What is our testimony today, and how can we best express it in the context of a modern world filled with “false idols," such as the lure of wealth and comfort, side-by-side with overwhelming powers that wreak havoc on peace and environmental sustainability? Poised between the temptations of complacency and despair, how do we live our witness?

Written by Thomas Gates

Publisher: Pendle Hill Publications
Publication Date: October 2015
ISBN: 9780875744353

MBR 8/13/16

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