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Tunnells Boys

Tunnell's Boys

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During the Spanish-American War in 1898, sea pilot Peter Long receives a mysterious request for his services. He is asked to guide a three-masted coasting schooner to the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean. But the ship's master is none other than Ebenezer Soule, Long's rival from their apprentice days aboard the pilot schooner "Tunnell." A pacifist Quaker sympathizer, Soule was ousted from the sea pilot service for his activist ways. Despite past rivalries, including competition for the love of a wealthy Quaker ship owner's daughter, Long still views Soule as his hero. However, the Tunnell's crew suspects Soule is a traitor and that Cuba is the schooner's true destination. When Spanish voices are heard in a locked part of the ship's hold, mutiny appears imminent. What unfolds is a story of friendship, competition, and conflict in which Long must look past old feelings and decide where his true loyalties lie.

" Set in the vibrant, conflicted world of Philadelphia in the late nineteenth century.  A love of the beauty and respect for the power of the sea and the human soul will be felt by all readers"  - Historical Novel Society.  "For one who loves both sailing and the history of Quaker Philadelphia, Tunnell's Boys brings alive a time, a place, and a culture which I have lived in through my imagination. An exciting and absorbing human drama which kept me turning the pages." - Margaret Hope Bacon. "With pro-war hysteria rising around him, a young pacifist man with a history of brawling embodies the yearnings and contradictions of those around him. Like Tony Junker's adventurous protagonist, I found myself challenged anew: when to fight and by what means?" - George Lakey.

Author:  Tony Junker

Publisher:  iUniverse Star, 2007.

ISBN: 9781583480243


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