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There is Still Time: To Look at the Big Picture...and Act

There is Still Time: To Look at the Big Picture...and Act

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Irrefutable evidence makes it clear that we are headed for massive human misery as our planet's health rapidly worsens, yet we fail to respond in a rational, meaningful way. There Is Still Time shows us how we can fix this. We must look at the big picture. This means facing and dealing with the basic cause of most of our problems, ourselves. This book pulls all of the issues we need to deal with together, and looks at how they affect one another. Part One looks at us as individuals, how we work together as a society, and at the way our governments and businesses operate, and suggests things we can do to change direction. Part Two gives a concise but comprehensive overview of the state of our planet today. There is, looming ahead of us, a point beyond which there is no return. But There Is Still Time to prevent it. This book will put us firmly on the road to how. Author: After having been a farmhand, factory worker, Alaska salmon fisherman, and carpenter, Peter Seidel became an architect. While working on environmentally damaging office and institutional buildings, he read a book describing the dangers of excessive population growth and looming resource shortages. Disturbed by this, he turned to teaching (over time, at five different institutions, including universities in China and India). He developed ideas on environmentally and socially sustainable communities, which led to employment as master planner for a community of 60,000. When this ran into funding difficulties he took up developing, designing, and building energy-conserving urban infill projects.

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