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The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics (Paperback)

The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics

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A short, key text that gives voice to Myers challenging ideas of non violence and liberation theology lived prophetically in the modern world. Culled from articles in other side and other journals.

Biblical Vision, by Ched Myers, offers seven studies of the scriptural views of Jubilee justice and God's Dream of enough for everyone. It "reads the Bible economically in order to read the economy biblically." This resource is ideal for adult education and study groups.

In the introduction of his book introducing this model, Myers states that "God's people are instructed to dismantle, on a regular basis, the fundamental patterns and structures of stratified wealth and power, so that there is 'enough for everyone.' “


This statement contains two of the core principles of Myer's socioeconomic vision:


The focus on voluntary redistribution of wealth

A foundation of abundance as opposed to scarcity in other modern economic models.

The Biblical concepts from which Sabbath economics draws are Sabbath day, and Sabbath year, 

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