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Sustainable Happiness: Live Simply, Live Well, Make a Difference

Sustainable Happiness: Live Simply, Live Well, Make a Difference

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We're bombarded by messages telling us that bigger and better things are the keys to happiness but after we pile up the stuff and pile on the work hours, we end up exhausted and broke on a planet full of trash. Sarah van Gelder and her colleagues at YES! Magazine have been exploring the meaning of real happiness for eighteen years. Here they offer fascinating research, in-depth essays, and compelling personal stories by visionaries such as Annie Leonard, Matthieu Ricard, and Vandana Shiva, showing us that real well-being is found in supportive relationships and thriving communities, opportunities to make a contribution, and the renewal we receive from a thriving natural world. In the pages of this book, you'll find creative and practical ways to cultivate a happiness that is nurturing, enduring, and life affirming. "


Table of Contents:
Introduction: How We Lost Track of Real Happiness and Where to Find It Now, by Sarah van Gelder

Part 1: What We Know about Real Well-Being
1. The Movement to Live More Simply Is Older Than You Think, by Roman Krznaric
2. Ten Things Science Says Will Make You Happy, by Jen Angel
3. Who Pays the Price for Cheap Stuff?, by Annie Leonard
4. Why Everyone Is Happier in More Equitable Societies, by Brooke Jarvis with Richard Wilkinson
5. We Are Hardwired to Cooperate and Share, by Eric Michael Johnson
6. Why Saying Hello Matters, by Akaya Windwood

Part 2: The Practice of Happiness (or, How You Can Get Some)
7. This Is Your Life Show Up for It Mindfully, by Matthieu Ricard
8. Give Yourself a Break: Take a Tech Sabbath, by Erika Kosina
9. Kick Your Addictions, Return to Intimacy, by Dan Mahle
10. Stop Worrying and Find Work You Love, by Roman Krznaric
11. Follow Your Calling (Even When It Scares You), by Shannon Hayes
12. Share Meals with Loved Ones, by Katherine Gustafson
13. Choose Gratitude, by Jeremy Adam Smith

Part 3: Sustainable Happiness and the Beloved Community
14. The Story of Your Gift, by Puanani Burgess
15. Heal, Don't Punish, by Fania Davis
16. The Hidden Treasures in Your Neighborhood, by John McKnight and Peter Block
17. How to Design Your Neighborhood for Happiness, by Jay Walljasper
18. Lessons in Gratitude from a Pay-It-Forward Restaurant, by Pavithra Mehta
19. Everything I Need to Know about Happiness, I Learned in the Forest, by Vandana Shiva

Conclusion: Ten Ways Sustainable Happiness Can Change the World

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