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Seeking Union with Spirit

Seeking Union with Spirit

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Seeking Union with Spirit

In the 2020 James Backhouse Lecture, Fiona Gardner seeks to answer the question "Why seek to live life in union with Spirit?

Although originally daunted at being asked to present the 2020 James Backhouse Lecture to Australian Friends, Fiona Gardner came to find that the opportunity encouraged her to reflect more deeply on her own journey and what might usefully be shared with others, For over twenty years, Fiona has participate in facilitating the Meeting for Learning (a year-long program for spiritual nurture, designed to explore Spirit and Quaker ways), and lives with her partner in a small intentional community that has been a place of spiritual growth and learning. She has worked as a social worker for many years and now as a university teacher, particularly in the areas of fostering critical reflection and spirituality  for pastoral care workers. A continuing challenge in her own spiritual life has been how to integrate her spiritual being in all of these aspects of her life.

“Why seek to live life in union with Spirit?  Such a life, in my experience and that of many others, is a fuller, richer, meaning filled and deeper life, connected to that which is eternal. It means moving from what is often called the ‘divided life’, beyond opposing forces to a place of wholeness, to integrating all of who we are in all that we do. To do this means holding together these opposites.”

Author: Fiona Gardner
Publisher: Australia Yearly Meeting (2020)
ISBN: 9781922332233
Paperback, 52 pages

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