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Science and the Unseen World

Science and the Unseen World

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This title is a reprint of the 1929 Swarthmore Lecture, as given by Quaker physicist and astronomer Arthur Stanley Eddington, with an introduction by Prof. George Ellis. it outlines the evolution leading to the advent of man in the physical world, then explores`Eddington's changing views on the scope of physical theory and the ideal of physical explanation. As he explains, "Physics most strongly insists that It's methods do not penetrate behind... symbolism. Surely then that mental and spiritual nature of ourselves, known in our minds by an intimate contact transcending the methods of physics, supplies just that... which science is admittedly unable to give." Prof. Ellis notes in his introduction, "the attitude of the scientist, here so admirably explained, is the attitude, also, of the mystic. Experience, to both, is what matters most," and Eddington concurs that, "you will understand the true spirit neither of science nor of religion unless seeking is placed in the forefront." the lecture explores these ideas in a way that remains fully relevant today. [the long quote by Eddington should get inset]

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