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Paths to Prayer

Paths to Prayer

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Paths to Prayer: Finding Your Own Way to the Presence of God

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With step-by-step instructions for over forty ways to pray, thisvaluable guide contains a wealth of timeless spiritual prayerpractices that Christians have used over the last 2000 years fromcultures around the world. Among the prayer practices you'llencounter in this book are the daily office, the prayer shawl, praying with icons, centering prayer, fasting, prayer beads, walking a labyrinth, pilgrimage, anointing for healing, and prayingthe scriptures.

Paths to Prayer offers a whole-person approach to prayerthat takes into account each person's individuality and doesn'tassume we all relate to God in the same way. A prayer stylesself-assessment will help you reflect on your life, yourpreferences, and your unique way of interacting with the world. Trynew dimensions of praying-- innovative, searching, relational, and experiential-- to deepen your encounter with thedivine.

Author: Patricia D Brown

Publisher: Jossey-Bass (2003)

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