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Lifting the White Veil

Lifting the White Veil

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Lifting the White Veil: A Look at White American Culture

Race. It’s a provocative issue that is often confusing and almost always controversial, particularly to white people. In Lifting the White Veil: An Exploration of White American Culture in a Multiracial Context, author and white studies expert Jeff Hitchcock explores how cultural practices of the past can no longer guide white Americans who want to truly experience living in a multiracial society.

Whether you are a white person or a person of color, an individual struggling with racial issues, a person working to create a multiracial society, or even a professor contemplating adopting this book, you will find this articulate discussion on multi-racial community building a fascinating study. The author, drawing on a wide range of sources of expertise, explains complicated matters in simple terms, without talking down or berating. Lifting the White Veil is a must for all Americans who have ever been troubled by racial issues.

-  From the publisher's website

Author: Jeff Hitchcock

Publisher: Crandall, Dotsie & Douglass Books, Inc.



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