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Just Living: A Novel

Just Living: A Novel

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For Beth Hill - a reluctant theology student - to be caught in shallow flakedom is her greatest fear. She's determined to escaped the shadow of her accomplished brother, and is convinced that following in the footsteps of her parish-priest father would be God-awful.

Beth's quest for meaning propels her to Just Living, a halfway house in British Columbia - world filled with murderers, child molesters, and an entourage of people who want to fix them. There, she learns about compassion and relationships, and that the effects of violence and murder ripple through communities without ceasing.

Those who've known violence may find parts of this story difficult to read, but it is a compelling glimpse of life usually hidden behind prison walls.

Author: Meredith Egan. Meredith Egan is a Quaker, author, and executive coach who has worked with crime victims, prisoners, and correctional staff for more than 25 years. She has been trained in mediation and peacemaking circles and has been honoured to learn from many Aboriginal Peoples. Meredith has taught and spoken in schools, universities, prisons and communities throughout Canada and internationally.

Meredith is the principal at Wild Goat Executive Coaching (www.wildgoatcoaching.ca ) and lives at Groundswell Ecovillage in Yarrow, BC with her dog Mollie, and rambunctious feline sisters, Firefly and Filigree.

Soft Cover

Publisher: Amity Publishers

Canada, 2016

ISBN: 9780973155778

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