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Iroquios Diplomacy on the Early American Frontier

Iroquios Diplomacy on the Early American Frontier

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in this scholarly examination of Iroquois diplomacy through the 17th and 18th centuries, Shannon rejects the depiction of the Iroquois as noble savages and fierce warriors. instead, he posIt's, they were flesh and blood participants in a scramble for dominion in North America, and diplomacy was their tool of choice. by maintaining official neutrality during the colonial wars, the Iroquois became key interlocutors in the New World—their diplomatic language and rituals became the lingua franca of multicultural deal making. other indians might have fought bravely against the European invaders, but only the Iroquois created a confederacy that was capable of withstanding the juggernaut of colonialization for so long. Shannon meticulously chronicles Iroquois political maneuvering, and true aficionados of Native American history will relish this serious and sympathetic account of the Iroquois' skilled, if ultimately doomed, diplomacy.

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