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Investing in People and the Planet

Investing in People and the Planet

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In a world threatened by ecological disaster, global inequality and human tragedy, how can we make a difference? The bank we select, the pension fund and insurance that we choose, the investments that we support, and the voice that we raise to shape Government investments and financial behaviour, can begin to make the changes that are needed when joined with the efforts of others. This book shows why and how. Robert Howell has written a compelling and comprehensive argument for responsible investing. He deftly weaves philosophical underpinnings with straightforward how-to examples and what results is an important contribution to the field. While his primary audience is the citizenry of New Zealand, the book is as relevant for all. A marriage of practicality and passion, Investing in People and the Planet deserves widespread acknowledgement for its contributions.  -  Amy Domini, author of Socially Responsible Investing, founder and chair of Domini Social Investments, US

An insightful and practical guide to investing responsibly, written for those who actually invest their money, not just the institutions who manage it.    -  Lee Coates OBE, Founder/Director Ethical Investors UK, Chair of Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility, UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association.

This book is so timely. At a time of unprecedented corporate power, so poignantly manifest in the person of the new US President, ethical investing is a healthy antidote. As investors, we have a choice between supporting corporations that exploit people and the planet or those that care. The buck stops with each of us and there is no excuse. Dr Howell shows just how powerful ordinary New Zealanders can be if they invest in an informed, ethical manner. A sound guide for any citizen, taxpayer and investor.   -  Prof Klaus Bosselmann, NZ Centre for Environmental Law University of Auckland

In this book, Robert Howell thoroughly re-examines the notion of socially responsible investment in the light of current social and environmental crises. He critiques the way responsible investment is generally understood in the world of finance, and offers a more inclusive alternative which is congruent with climate science and a firm commitment to the common good. While he refers to examples from the New Zealand context where he is located, the same principles are applicable in any part of the world. In Australia, the regulatory environment in 2016 is particularly uncertain for those wanting to invest in energy from renewable sources and other low carbon options. This creates challenges for investors seeking to be genuinely environmentally responsible, but there are numerous examples of institutions that are quite successfully aligning their investments with their values. How to do this according to our values is the focus of this very important book by Dr Robert Howell. It should be very widely read in Australia and New Zealand and further afield. I whole-heartedly recommend this book. Thea Ormerod, President,  -   Australian Religious Response to Climate ChangeAuthor: Dr. Robert Howell

Published: Robert Howell (May 22, 2017)


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