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Immersed in Prayer

Immersed in Prayer

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Immersed in Prayer: Stories from Lives of Prayer

Immersed in Prayer: Stories from Lives of Prayer is a collection of personal experiences gathered from people who have chosen a life of prayer. The collection is intended to provide support and companionship for those seeking to enrich their relationship with God. Contributors tell of struggles and blessings encountered while their praying grew to become the basis of their life. Here are a few tastes: Allison Randall: There is a constant outpouring, or at least a fairly steady leaking out, of gratitude for everything in my life. Virginia Swain: I learned a new definition of prayer, to be open to intervention by the Holy Spirit. Jennifer Elam: Creativity is my connection with my Creator, that of God within me connecting to that of God that is way Bigger than me. Charlotte Tomaino: Prayer is without words, a wordless well where no separate self divides and all is Love. Rachel Barenblat: You watch over my changes. I trust you: I am not afraid. I find strength in your song. I become more myself.
Editor: Michael Resman
Publisher: Createspace (September 2017)

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