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Godly Play Volume 4

Godly Play Volume 4

$ 29.95

Godly Play has also been adapted by Quakers in the resource Faith and Play with stories about Quakers or with Quaker themes.


Welcome to The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Volume 4.In this volume Jerome Berryman has gathered together the presentations that form the suggested cycle of lessons for Spring.


 If we leave out the respectful experiences of scripture, we risk trivializing the Christian way of life. We also miss out on the profound fun of existential discovery, a kind of "fun" that keeps us truly alive. In this volume you'll find all the information you need to present the spring lessons of Godly Play.


The simple format of the lessons presented in The Complete Guide to Godly Play will enable all teachers, whether new or experienced, to find the information they need to enter fully into the most rewarding play we share: Godly Play.

What's inside Volume 4: 20 Presentations for Spring?

All the information you need to present the lessons of Spring to the children in your Godly Play Room.

 Enrichment Lesson: The Holy Family

 Lesson 1: The Mystery of Easter

Lesson 2: The Faces of Easter I

Lesson 3: The Faces of Easter II

Lesson 4: The Faces of Easter III

Lesson 5: The Faces of Easter IV

Lesson 6: The Faces of Easter V

 Lesson 7: The Faces of Easter VI

Lesson 8: The Faces of Easter VII Enrichment Lesson: The Crosses Enrichment Lesson: Easter Eggs

Lesson 9: Jesus and the Twelve

Lesson 10: The Good Shepherd and World Communion

Lesson 11: The Synagogue and the Upper Room

Lesson 12: Circle of the Holy Eucharist Enrichment Lesson: Symbols of the Holy Eucharist

Lesson 13: The Mystery of Pentecost

 Lesson 14: Paul's Discovery

Lesson 15: The Holy Trinity

Enrichment Lesson: The Part That Hasn't Been Written Yet

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