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Catch a Tiger by the Toe

Catch a Tiger by the Toe

$ 15.99

By Ellen S. Levine.

Jamie is like most girls in the 1950s—she loves Hollywood movie stars and practicing her yo-yo moves. But unlike those other girls, she has something to hide, a secret that is hurting her family. Jamie's father is a member of the Communist Party, and in 1953, that's the worst thing you can be. Senator Joseph McCarthy and his committee are throwing Americans in jail if they refuse to reveal the names of other Communists, and Jamie's dad won't. He's not a rat.

When the truth comes out, and her dad loses his job, Jamie is ashamed to show her face in school. She's thrown off the school paper with no explanation, and all of a sudden Jamie knows how her father feels. Is there anything she can do to help her father? And what about herself?

Grades 5-8.


Viking Juvenile, 2005.

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