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Blessing Love (Paperback)

Blessing Love

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"None of us knows where our spiritual journey will take us, or which twists and turns will occur. I do know that my journey deepens my faith and closeness to God and that my living Love is my lifelong path." From the author of Blessing Love, a Widow's Story, this intimate memoir of loss, grief, self-discovery, and growth will resonate deeply with every woman who has ever mourned the death of a husband and questioned her own purpose. Judy Brutz shares her last sixteen months of life with her husband while he was dying from brain cancer and at the same time she was being treated for Hepatitis C. Their fifty year marriage had the usual ups and downs of marital problems, and yet, underneath they continued to share a deep and abiding love and a spiritual bond which saw them through difficulties and blossomed into full maturity in their last months side-by-side. Theirs is the story of hope, joy and the healing of a relationship. After David's passing the blessing of their love continues as Judy faces questions of "Who am I?" and asks, "David, help me." Judy Brutz PhD inspires deepening spirituality through stories, prayers, and memoir. She draws from her experience and gifts as Spiritual Director, Hospice Chaplain, Marriage and Family Therapist, and mentor for Education of Ministry (EfM)

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