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A Global Warming Primer

A Global Warming Primer

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Is human-induced global warming a real threat to our future? Most people will express an opinion on this question, but relatively few can back their opinions with solid evidence. This is true on both sides, as most “believers” are no better able to explain the scientific case for global warming than “skeptics” are able to make a case against it. Many times we’ve even heard politicians and media pundits say “I am not a scientist” to avoid the issue altogether.

But the truth is, the basic science is not that difficult. Nor is it difficult to understand the key issues debated by skeptics, the expected consequences of global warming, or the clear, “win-win” solutions to the problem. Using a question and answer format, this book will help readers achieve three major goals:

  1. To see that anyone can understand the basic science of global warming.
  2. To understand the arguments about this issue made by skeptics, so that readers will be able to decide for themselves what to believe.
  3. To understand why, despite the “gloom and doom” that often surrounds this topic, the solutions are ones that will not only protect the world for our children and grandchildren, but that will actually lead us to a stronger economy with energy that is cheaper, cleaner, and more abundant than the energy we use today.

Author: Jeffrey Bennett

Publisher: Big Kid Science, 2016

128 pages

ISBN: 9781937548780

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