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Book Tables and Consignments 2018

Consignments or Special Event Book Tables

QuakerBooks of FGC offers book consignments for yearly and quarterly meetings, weekend retreats, peace fairs, outreach events, conferences and other special events. Our process has been updated for 2018 to enable faster compilation and shipping of your order. 

    Please read through the instructions and then if you have questions you can reach the bookstore associate, Audrey Greenhall, at (215) 561-1700, ext. 3044 or by email at audreyg@FGCquaker.org.



Before Your Event:

  • We require a minimum lead time of six weeks. For the best service, at least two months is preferable.
  • The person in charge of book sales should complete a Consignment Application.  
    • Complete the application
    • We will keep this contact information and also share it with the fulfillment center that fills the QuakerBooks orders.
  • You then create an order by
    • Looking through our selection on QuakerBooks.org
    • Compiling a list using the order form in either Excel or PDF format.
    • You may request a book that does not appear on QuakerBooks.org and we will determine whether it is a special order or simply added to our inventory as a new product. Special order means it is not a title we would otherwise have available.
    • Send the list to Audrey Greenhall, Bookstore Associate, via email (audreyg@FGCquaker.org) or regular mail (QuakerBooks of FGC, 1216 Arch Street, 2B, Philadelphia PA 19107).
  • If you want us to choose the books for your consignment, based on the quantity of books you want, we can pack a shipment of books consisting of the following:
    • A basic selection of books that which will make up about 1/2 of total books sent.
    • Some reduced price QuakerPress books, new books, and classics
    • Special titles you request ( these are non-returnable)
    • Books related to your speakers, theme, and workshops (so long as you notify us about these).
    • Newer titles that have arrived just in time for your event.
    • If you choose this option you must give us two months lead time.
  • We will ship the books to an address you specify. We ship at our expense, via UPS.
  • Each box will contain a packing slip for the items in that box.
    • As you unpack, you should double check the shipment contents against the list on the packing slip. Inform us immediately of any discrepancy.
    • We will do our best to provide all items requested. If an item is unavailable we will let you know.  If you wish us to substitute another title of your choosing or ours, please let us know.
    • Once all boxes have shipped, you will receive a master list of all items sent to you. When you receive the master list, please check it against what books you received and inform us immediately if there is a discrepancy.
  • You agree to display the books properly and maintain them in good, saleable condition. Any books which cannot be returned to QuakerBooks in good, saleable condition at the end of yearly meeting will be considered sold, and the yearly meeting/event will be responsible for payment for them to QuakerBooks in accordance with the Returns section below.

After the Event:

  • Check the master list and report how many of each title you are returning to us. Send this information to Audrey Greenhall by email or fax.   She will share this information with the fulfillment service.
  • Please pack books carefully for shipment. Books must be packed flat, not upright or on edge. Use sufficient packing material to keep the books from shifting and the box from crushing.  
  • You have two weeks to get the returnable books back to our fulfillment service via UPS or FEDEX. QuakerBooks of FGC does not pay for return shipping on consignment orders. You will need to ship them at your expense.
  • Please DO NOT use the US Postal Service for this as we have had problems in the past with damaged or lost parcels. Anything that is damaged or lost because of shipping by the USPS will be charged to you.   
  • The address for returning unsold books is:
QuakerBooks of FGC c/o
Publishers Storage and Shipping
Attn: Receiving Department
46 Development Road
Fitchburg, MA  01420
  • We will then bill you the retail price of the unreturned books less 10%. We will do so within a period of about two weeks after receipt of the returned books.


  • We cannot take returns on books that we special ordered for your event. We can only accept returns for books that we keep in our own stock and can resell to other customers.
  • Books must be in the same condition they were in when you received them. Please do not return books that were damaged during the yearly meeting.
  • Again, please pack books carefully for shipment. Books must be packed flat, not upright or on edge. Use sufficient packing material to keep the books from shifting and the box from crushing.  

These guidelines are to make our work together simple and to benefit both organizations.  Please contact us if you have questions or wish to discuss these procedures.

For more information, contact Audrey Greenhall at audreyg@fgcquaker.org.