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Book Tables and Consignments

Consignments or Special Event Book Tables

QuakerBooks of FGC offers book consignments for yearly and quarterly meetings, weekend retreats, peace fairs, outreach events, conferences and other special events. You can offer a selection of materials at very little financial risk to you. We send you the books, you sell what you can, send back the leftovers and we bill you for what sold less 10%. We usually ask for 6 weeks notice but it is still worth asking if time is short . We pay shipping to you, but ask you to pay for returning books.


Meeting Book Tables

There are many easy and low maintenance ways to establish a book table and it’s a great way to get literature into the hands of Friends.

Spiritual Formation, Study Groups and Monthly Meeting Book Groups

QuakerBooks of FGC offers discounts for spiritual formation groups, study groups and meeting book groups. We offer 10% on most titles where you order 6 or more.

Why would we offer a Book Table? 

Meetings may just want to have members see some of the newer books or have a display at a special event like those listed below. A table of books to browse is both interesting and useful in its own right, but also makes for a place where those new to the meeting or Quakers can spend time or learn about Quakers and their interests in a non-threatening way.

If you are organizing a study or reading group, we can supply books or pamphlets with you returning any that are not needed.

How Does it Work?

The process is very simple. Call the bookstore or email us at Let us know when you’d like the books, what sort of event you’re planning, how many folks you think might be attending, and the type of material you’d like to offer and approximately how much. You can supply us with a specific list of books or we can customize the book selection according to the criteria you give us. Tell us who should get the bill and where the books should be shipped. We make sure the books arrive in good time to the specified location and we pay the shipping to get them to you. You display the books on tables or shelves and sell the books during the event. After it’s over, pack them carefully and ship them back to us at your expense. We check the books back in and bill you for what sold less 10%. 

Here is a list of possible events at which you might consider offering a consignment of books from QuakerBooks of FGC:

• a Peace Fair
• a Community Outreach event
• your meeting’s holiday party
• the beginning of a new First Day school session
• the beginning of a new Adult Religious Education course
• your meeting’s annual Jumble sale
• a special event in which a Friend gives a talk
• your meeting retreat
• a potluck offered by your meeting
• a committee meeting session which is focusing on a particular issue
• a meeting for worship with attention to business which is focusing on a particular issue
• a meeting of a working group (i. e. on racism, on the environment, on eldering)
• your Quarterly meeting
• your Yearly Meeting
• your Mid-Year or Interim Meeting
• a gathering of First Day School Teachers
• a gathering of Quaker Parents
• a gathering to focus on Eldership
• a spiritual formation retreat or course
• a conference organized by your monthly or yearly meeting