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Book Tables and Consignments

Consignments or Special Event Book Tables

QuakerBooks of FGC offers book consignments for yearly and quarterly meetings, weekend retreats, peace fairs, outreach events, conferences and other special events. How the consignment process works is detailed lower down on this page -- or click here to download a PDF of the process.


Meetings may want a table of books that is both interesting and useful for members and those new to the meeting. Books can facilitate learning about Quaker faith and practice in a non-threatening way.


Your meeting might be holding an event at which a selection of books would be helpful and informative.  Such events include: 

• a Peace Fair
• a Community Outreach event
• your meeting’s holiday party
• the beginning of a new First Day school session
• the beginning of a new Adult Religious Education course
• your meeting’s annual Jumble sale
• a special event in which a Friend gives a talk
• your meeting retreat
• a potluck offered by your meeting
• a committee meeting session which is focusing on a particular issue
• a meeting for worship with attention to business which is focusing on a particular issue
• a meeting of a working group (i. e. on racism, on the environment, on eldering)
• your Quarterly meeting
• your Yearly Meeting
• your Mid-Year or Interim Meeting
• a gathering of First Day School Teachers
• a gathering of Quaker Parents
• a gathering to focus on Eldership
• a spiritual formation retreat or course
• a conference organized by your monthly or yearly meeting

How Does The Consignment Process Work?

Before Your Event:

  • We request a minimum lead time of two months. For the best service, three or four months is preferable.
  • The person in charge of book sales should visit and go to the Book Tables and Consignment menu item. Select Consignment Application
    • Complete the application
    • We will provide you with log-in formation
  • You then create an order by:
  • If you want us to choose the books for your consignment, based on the quantity of books you want, we can pack a shipment of books consisting of the following:
    • A basic selection of books that which will make up about 1/2 of total books sent.
    • Some reduced price QuakerPress books, new books, and classics
    • Special titles you request ( these are non-returnable)
    • Books related to your speakers, theme, and workshops (so long as you notify us about these).
    • Newer titles that have arrived just in time for your event.
  • All books will be bar-coded.
  • We will ship the books to an address you specify. We ship at our expense.
  • We will provide a master list of the books included and their retail prices.
    • You should double check the shipment against the master list as you unpack and notify us promptly if any books are missing, so that you will not be billed for them.

During the Event

  • You agree to display the books properly and maintain them in good, saleable condition. Any books which cannot be returned to QuakerBooks in good, saleable condition at the end of yearly meeting will be considered sold, and the yearly meeting/event will be responsible for payment for them to QuakerBooks in accordance with the Returns section below.

After the Event:

  • You have two weeks to get the returnable books back to us. QuakerBooks of FGC does not pay for return shipping on consignment orders. You will need to ship them at your expense.
  • We ask that you check the master list and report how many of each title you are returning to us.
  • We will then bill you the retail price of the unreturned books less 10%. We will do so within a period of about two weeks after receipt of the returned books.


  • We cannot take returns on books that we special order for your event. We can only accept returns for books that we keep in our own stock and can resell to our customers.
  • We need to receive returned books within two weeks of the end date of your yearly meeting sessions. We ask you to use UPS as your shipping method, unless we have made special arrangements with us in advance. If we agree to allow return shipping by USPS, you must insure the shipment and get a tracking number.
  • Books must be in the same condition they were in when you received them. Please don’t return books that have been damaged (no matter how the damage occurred) during the yearly meeting. Please pack books carefully for shipment.
  • Any books that are leftover and that we will not take as returns (because they were special orders or because they are damaged) will be sold to you at a 15% discount.
  • You will be billed for books that “walk” or disappear during the time that they are in your care.

These guidelines are to make our work together simple and to the benefit of both of organizations. Occasionally, however, there are circumstances in which other arrangements may make better sense. Please contact us if you have questions or wish to discuss these procedures.

For more information, contact Samantha Wilson at