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Gathering 2019 Best Sellers

Of the many enticing reads available at the Gathering bookstore this year, these ten had the most sales.

10) Jesus, Christ and Servant of God - David Johnson

9) The Forgiveness Book - D. Patrick Miller

8) How We Win - George Lakey

7) Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship - Donna McDaniel, Vanessa Julye

6) On the Brink of Everything - Parker Palmer

5) Black Fire -  Edited by Harold D. WeaverJr., Paul Kriese, Steve W. Angell

4) A Quaker Prayer Life - David Johnson

3) On Living with a Concern for Gospel Ministry, 2nd Edition - Brian Drayton

2) White Fragility - Robin DiAngelo

1) How Far Have You Traveled - John Calvi