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Friends Journal Picks March and April 2019

Dear Friend,

Each month, Friends Journal reviews literature on subjects near and dear to Quaker hearts. From the March and April issues of Friends Journal, we highlight two books that explore the interplay between Quakers, politics, and economics.

The first publication has that very name, Quakers, Politics, and Economics. It is volume 5 of the Quaker Disciplines series from the Friends Association of Higher Education (FAHE) and contains essays on both historical figures, and on contemporary concerns and perspectives. 
Our second pick, William Penn: A Life, is an in-depth biography. Some of you readers know that I double as an historical guide in Philadelphia, surrounded by information that often reduces early US history to sound bites. I am always happy for an excellent biography of an early mover-and-shaker, or mover-and-Quaker as the case may be. Does William Penn: A Life show the interplay of Quakers, politics, and economics?  Consider this excerpt from the Friends Journal review by Cameron McWhirter:

He [Penn] was beset with contradictions, hypocrisies, and worries. He was plagued by poor financial decisions and ensnared repeatedly by palace intrigue. His Holy Experiment (Murphy challenges the exact meaning of the phrase) was in fact a political mess with Quakers, Anglicans, and others battling for political control. Penn’s colony—which he visited only twice—was a perpetual headache.  

You can see all the Friends Journal reviews here.

In the Light on this magnificent spring day,
Audrey Greenhall, Manager for QuakerBooks