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Conflict in Meetings

Conflict in Meetings

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Conflict is inseparable from adventurous living. Whether it constrains or liberates depends to a large extent on how we respond to it. This book encourages Friends to seek help where needed: there are lists of resources and useful organizations. The book can be read for interest, for general information or in study groups: discussion questions and practical exercises help us grasp the thorniest issues. This book is for clerks, those responsible for eldership or oversight, and anyone called to deal with potential or actual conflict. it will enable Friends to identify the resources in their own meetings and use them to forge a living peace testimony which is not just about opposition.

The covers of the most recently acquired copies of Conflict in Meetings got very slightly bent during shipment. They  look the way they probably would after being in your home for a week. Unless you have dogs that like books. 

Please note: we order these from London and it may take several weeks to fill an order when we are out of stock. 

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