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Inner Strength

Inner Strength - Quakers and Leadership

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"The Society of Friends has never had many members, but it is not the number that matters. What counts more is their inner strength and their deeds" -Gunnar Jahn, chairman of the Nobel Committee in 1947. What is this inner strength? How does it help shape such effective leaders and organizations? This collection of essays from contemporary American Quaker leaders provides a wealth of personal reflections on these questions. For study groups and newcomers to Quakerism, each section includes an introduction and queries for deeper exploration of listening, discernment, and action as led by the Spirit. Contributors include: Shan Cretin AFSC, Robin Mohr FWCC, Joe Volk FCNL.

Editor: Kathy Hyzy
Friends Bulletin Corporation (2013)
ISBN: 9780970041050
paperback, 162 pages

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