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Genius of the Transcendent

Genius of the Transcendent

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Quaker scholar Michael Birkel turns his attention to Jakob Boehme (1575-1624), a mystic like Meister Eckhart, who pushed language to It's limIt's to describe an experience that happens above and beyond rational thought. George Fox read him and his influence is to be seen in many of the early Quakers, German Romantics, Pietism, various American utopian experiments, and in the European mystics who came after him. The great scholar of mysticism Evelyn Underhill called him "one of the most astonishing cases in history of a natural genius for the transcendent." this is a translation to modern English with an excellent introduction from the translators. Here, for the spiritual adventurers of our own age, is an accessible introduction to one of the most important of the Christian mystical writers.

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