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Creating Space for Community: Both Inside and Out

Creating Space for Community: Both Inside and Out

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This is Southeastern Yearly Meeting's J. Barnard Walton Memorial Lecturer of 2015. Nancy Irving has enjoyed three careers: trade associations, law, and management of Friends World Committee for Consultation. All three involved in communication. “Friends’ testimony,” she says, “on community seems to be the least discussed and least understood. Yet community pulls together the range of Quaker values and informs much of what we do together. At the same time, it requires preparation and willingness to be transformed both as individuals and as worshiping groups. We will explore those challenges.”

Author: Nancy Irving

Publisher: Southeastern Yearly Meeting

ISBN: 978-1939831-13-2 (eReader MOBI)

ISBN: 978-1-939831-14-9 (eReader EPUB)

September 26, 2016 JBB

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