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Coyote Healer

Coyote Healer

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The year: 2026. The place: the United States. But it's not the United States you know. Ruled now by white evangelicals known as the Wholly Aryan Government, all minorities and the disabled are sought for elimination.

Martin, a young boy born both of mixed heritage and with cerebral palsy, discovers he has amazing natural healing abilities and is sent to train with a master healer named Coyote, a decision that will forever change his life-and put it in great jeopardy.

Exploring the role of fantasy and imagination in our lives, Mariana Ruybalid's newest book is a haunting vision of a country gone wrong and the lengths to which we will go to ensure our freedom. With Mexico City wiped out by a nuclear strike, the fallout has reached all the way to Los Angeles, where the majority of the old, infirm, and young have died.

In Colorado, California, Oregon, and Washington, a resistance movement gains strength and it is in this environment that Martin finds himself surrounded by passionate revolutionaries. He falls in love with Blue Feather, another gifted healer, and as Martin's abilities and confidence grow he learns the importance of community as he and his allies challenge the authorities' cruelty. Driven by the ideology of hatred, the government responds to the freedom fighters with increasing force, setting up an epic struggle where only one group can stand as the winner.

Reminiscent of Walter Moseley's epic 47, Ruybalid's unbridled imagination and understanding of the complexities of universal human truths is a searing indictment of society's marginalization of those defined as different. A dynamic blend of strong character work, tense action, and impeccable pacing help ground the fantasy elements with a realism rarely seen in its genre. Full of hope, courage, and the age-old wisdom of never judging a book by its cover, Coyote Healer, Coyote Curandero is an exciting, intelligent fantasy you won't be able to put down.

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