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Love between the Pages - Valentine's Day Picks from QuakerBooks

Love between the Pages - Valentine's Day Picks from QuakerBooks

Looking for a good read that makes your heart beat a little faster AND prominently features Quaker values? In honor of Valentine's Day, we've compiled this list of books rooted in love and romance that manage to place strong emphasis on faith, family, and friends. 

"I Take Thee, Serenity" by Daisy Newman follows the story of Serenity Ross, a young bride-to-be who questions which spiritual path is right for her and her fiance Peter as they plan their wedding. It's an honest portrayal of two young people searching for answers, and their true selves. 

Perhaps the most well-known historical romance novel of all-time, "Flowers from the Storm" features a handsome mathematician who falls on hard times after a stroke. Lucky for him, he is rescued from total despair by a young Quaker girl named Maddy, who helps him learn how to communicate with the world again and find love.

Also on our list are two novels from Anna Schmidt's Peacemaker series: "All God's Children" and "Simple Faith." Both stories find strong-willed Quaker women in the midst of extreme challenges during World War II that manage to protect the innocent, join the resistance movement against the Nazis, and find love.

From the Quaker Brides series by author Lyn Cote we have "Honor," a historical fiction novel about a Quaker girl who must start a new life when she is left destitute by the death of her grandmother. A staunch abolitionist, Honor must reconcile her beliefs with her duties as a wife as she becomes secretly involved with the Underground Railroad.

If you're looking for a hint of romance by way of the Amish and the Shakers, check out "The Waiting," a story based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and "The Seeker," which takes place in Kentucky before the Civil War. "The Waiting" examines the life of a young Amish girl waiting for her beloved to return to home during the Vietnam War, while "The Seeker" chronicles the journey of a southern belle whose quest for love takes her to a Shaker community. 

For poetry lovers, there's "Love Poems from God" by celebrated Sufi poetry translator Daniel Ladinksy. Featuring poems from St. Francis, Rumi, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Tukaram, this volume includes six poems from the East and six from the West, all celebrating the beauty and mystery of spiritual love.

This Valentine's Day, skip those vampire romance novels and risque stories of controlling businessmen in favor of romantic tales and poems that emphasize Quaker values and still manage to be exciting reads. Best of all, you can buy all of the books mentioned here today from QuakerBooks at FGC. Happy reading!

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