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Promotion Sale: Book Clubs and Book Study Groups

Promotion Sale: Book Clubs and Book Study Groups

Graham Garner is the Associate Manager for Bookstore Operations for QuakerBooks of FGC.
Help deepen the spirit of your meeting, provide community outreach and social connection, and dig down into the rich world of reading through a book club or book study group. Here are our suggestions for your reading together!

by Ed Schwartz

Reduced to $2.50 per copy

An innovative workshop or study group  idea, a great and easy way of building community.

Each person featured lived their held beliefs, leaving a legacy in writing and deeds. Each script includes a brief biography and is followed by queries. About half the subjects are well known Quakers including Margaret Fell, Rufus Jones, and John Woolman, and the rest  fellow travelers such as Dorothy Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Suitable for groups of any size and age from 12 on up or mixed ages, the material is read aloud twice so that everyone both speaks and listens. No preparation is required. Queries are provided for discussion.

Resistance and Obedience to God Memoirs Of David Ferris 1707-1779

by David Ferris Edited by Martha Paxson Grundy

Reduced for a limited time to  $3.00

In this short journal, 18th century Quaker David Ferris, a contemporary of John Woolman, unfolds the richness of the struggle to find and live God's will. Anyone interested in American religious history, Quaker history, spiritual development, religious education, or ministry will find this chronicle of Ferris's life a fascinating documentation of the moral and ethical development of a Quaker minister.

The long new introduction and 15  pages of study notes and queries to help the modern reader understand and have kinship with Ferris’s theological issues and understand the Quaker world he and Woolman moved in. 

Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship Quakers, African Americans, And The Myth Of Racial Justice

by Donna McDaniel Vanessa Julye

Reduced to $7.50 for a limited time

This study of Quaker history reveals that racism has been as insidious, complex, and pervasive among Friends as it has been generally among people of European descent. The book documents the spiritual and practical impacts of discrimination in the Religious Society of Friends in the expectation that understanding the truth of our past is vital to achieving a diverse, inclusive community in the future.

Download here a free copy of the study guide by Wren Almitra & the FGC Committee for Ministry on Racism. The guide is designed to help readers explore more deeply the issues discussed in the book. Filled with quotes, queries, and suggested activities, the guide can be used in meetings, reading groups, or individually.


A Sustainable Life: Quaker Faith And Practice In The Renewal Of Creation

by Douglas Gwyn

A well-known Quaker historian explores the qualities of Quaker faith and practice that contribute to living sustainably in the world today. He explores such paradoxes as equality and community, unity and differentiation, integrity and personal discernment, and other aspects of life that Quakers have worked to bring into balance through their 350-year history. How have Quakers learned to create the kind of individual and community life that can prepare us to live fully and responsibly into a time of social and planetary change?

Our new bestselling study group book- download the free study notes here

For a limited time 20% off

Time for Peace

by Janet Ganguli


In the current world climate of violence, terrorism and war, it is important for young people to study peace and the ways peace exists in the world. Geared toward readers in middle school Time for Peace takes a lively, fully illustrated and international approach to peacemaking. The author explores the roots of violence and true alternatives to force, as well as profiling many peacemakers. First Day School, classroom teachers, as well as parents, will find this an invaluable tool in working with young people.

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